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DESIGN BUILD by Splendid 4D




Expectations can be met easily when the design and construction teams work together simultaneously. Architecture Plus offers design and build contractors in Los Angeles, CA, to make the project as uncomplicated as possible. We believe the construction process is a group effort between various teams, and that all teams involved need to work together to achieve project expectations. Get in touch with us today and see why we’re the best choice for you.




When your project is done using the design-build technique, you can trust that everything will go smoothly with no change of orders. The designs are done with constructability in mind, and with all of the different professionals working together, better ideas and more creative solutions are achieved. Most importantly, design-build has continuously provided clients with savings in both time and money. We are more than happy to get over the finer details of how this process works, and how it can save you money. When you call our office, you’ll get to learn about even more about advantages of our company. These include:

  • A Partnership between the Designer and the Builder

  • Practical and Customizable Designs

  • Cost and Schedule Reduction




The fewer separate entities involved, the quicker the delivery schedule tends to be. Since we bring all teams on a project together early on, we are able to identify and address the factors that play into cost, schedule, and construction. Thus we can deliver a completed project to you faster. Just let our office know when you need completion and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

We’ll be glad to work with you. Contact our team in Los Angeles to get started.



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