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Splendid 4D Studio Builds Immersive Apps for Architects, Real Estate Developers

The team at Splendid 4D Studio is partnering with architects and real estate companies to develop flawless apps for showcasing projects and properties. Leveraging virtual reality integration, Splendid 4D Studio takes presentations to the next level.

Splendid 4D has more than 50 years of combined experience in creating stunning VR content, apps, websites, architectural renderings, and more. Now, the company is helping clients create immersive experiences for their prospective and current customers by constructing fully customized, cutting-edge apps.

These individual apps offer customers and prospects the ability to dive into VR, 360 degree renderings in high resolution. The immersive experience is completely tailored to the specifications of the project, offering a seamless, easy to use, and lifelike experience.

President Zoey Zhao says the key to the success of their apps is the use of a 360 degree camera for on-site shooting. Then, their animation team stitches existing renderings to create a fluid, realistic 360 degree rendering.

Of course, the apps also offer another benefit. The immersive experience can be enjoyed by investors and buyers anywhere. Prospects overseas can get a highly realistic visualization of their potential investment during pre-sale and pre-lease periods. Project information and animation can also be included per the architect or real estate firm’s needs, thus offering a hub for project data and renderings.

Splendid 4D Studio’s apps can work in both iOS and Android. For VR components, Samsung gear, Google Cardboard, or just the naked eye can be used.

“Every studio needs customized apps. People are spending more and more time on mobile devices. Having a mobile app to show immersive building tour experience is critical,” says Ms. Zhao.

When it comes to architects and real estate pros who want to show their high end property in the best light possible, customized apps from Splendid 4D Studio provide the best way to present property to clients anywhere, anytime. Virtual reality for real estate is leveraged as an advantage, according to Ms. Zhao, and her team is pleased to offer leading-edge photorealistic rendering, CG animation, and more.

You can view the virtual tour on your browser.

You can view the virtual tour on your browser.


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