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This Los Angeles Based Studio Creates VR and AR Solutions for Real Estate Development Companies

Technology has acted as a catalyst bringing transformation in many industries. And the real estate sector is not immune to these changes. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two closely related yet different technological advancements that provide a unique opportunity for real estate developers, investors, and owners to visualize a property at every stage of the real estate cycle.

Here, we will take a look at one Los Angeles based companies named Polytope Studio that offers high-value VR and AR solutions for real estate development companies in the US.

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Polytope Studio VR and AR Solutions

Polytope Studio provide a unique visualizing opportunity for real estate developers, agents, and architects. The company provides real estate virtual tours, augmented reality models, augmented reality design review, white branded individual real estate app, real estate virtual reality iOS app and Android app. In addition, the company also provides Architectural and Industrial 3D Modeling and Rendering, Product 3D Rendering and Animation and artistic Visual Effects (VFX).

VR creates a virtual representation of the property, while AR adds an additional level of interactivity to the virtual environment. VR and AR solutions provide visual representation of multiple construction projects located in different geographical locations.

For VR components, Samsung gear, Google Cardboard, or just the naked eye can be used. It is much cheaper and faster than building an actual demo room. People from all over the world can take a look at the property without traveling. They usually have a better sense of space and floor plans when they review the project in VR/AR mode.

How VR and AR Has Changed the Way Real Estate is Visualized?

The immersive experience provided by VR and AR can be enjoyed by investors and buyers anywhere. Prospects overseas can get a highly realistic visualization of their potential investment during pre-sale and pre-lease periods. Project information and animation can also be included per the architect or real estate firm’s needs, thus offering a hub for project data and renderings.

Using the VR and AR headsets, individuals can view a property at every stage of a construction project without leaving the office or home. These technologies provide an enhanced visualization experience allowing them to can see how a finished construction project would look like even before work has started on it.

Real estate developers can also use Splendid 4D Studios' VR and AR solutions to attract potential investors. They can give a 360-degree immersive property tour of a proposed building project that needs to be on the market for pre-sale, pre-lease, fundraising, and city approvals.

Polytope Studio' apps can work on both iOS and Android. Previous projects including Longbeachgardenhome and amrabay are ready to download in iOS and Google Play Store. You can also check out a 360 Tour of the company's website.

APP Download:

About Polytope Studio

Polytope Studio is a Visualization Solution Company based in Los Angeles, California. The company's chief digital artists including lead designers, architects, and engineers have decades of combined working experience on projects across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia.

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